Ten years after: the user is king

The edition of 2018 had as the main focus to examine the consequences of the launching of Kindle and Iphone ten years before. The main meeting had the title of «Ten Years After»  and the international conference brought together a group of innovation leaders in ten different fields around informal and friendly dialogues. The rule for Readmagine in 2018 was that those conversations would be from two or three speakers, without presentations and in a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere of interaction. This collective reflection had as a prologue the workshop and the professional meeting with Mike Shatzkin.
The 2018 conference had the following list of topics:
  • New audiences (Generation Z and Millennial generation) and their relation to new business models.
  • The search for a balance between the needs of libraries and the viability of digital platforms.
  • Own formats for the publishing and convergence of formats.
  • Blockchain for the world of books.
  • Intellectual property as the new raw material: new alliances.
  • Rules for anarchy? Regulation and policies to support innovation.
  • The new means for storytelling.
  • The role of publishers in ten years.
  • Reimagining libraries.

In addition to this extraordinary conference, the fifth edition of the International Distributors Meeting that FANDE and IPDA organises every year took place. During this edition, Japan was the ‘focus market’. There were also presentations on the Global Web Index reports and Global Ebook Report, together with round tables dedicated to digital comic, hypermedia content and self-publication.

Readmagine has also integrated the first pilot meeting of the Madrid LX project: a professional workshop on reading experiences (CX methodology to the publishing sector), with the presentation of the projects of El Paí, the financial city of BBVA, the Design Thinking project in the Public Library Luis Rosales de Carabanchel, Aarhus Libraries and the Global Libraries Impact Assessment Program.
During the first day of the week took place the «Reading on Stage Workshop», a meeting that brought together a hundred families and immerses parents and children (babies and kids up to seven years old) in a unique creative experience that proposed them to read through the scenery and rhythms. The whole edition finished with the fourth edition of the startup meeting around the Emprendelibro program, for acceleration for emerging companies of Factoría Cultural and Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez.

Here you can access to several videos of 2018 edition:

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